May 17, 2011

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It's easier to tumblr than it is to blogger.

Oct 5, 2010


Check it out!!

Ballbreaker Interview with the Smoking Jacket, up now. Classic Melissa Lynnette bitchery. Lol.

Jun 1, 2010

I get great emails. I really do.

I don't even know how these jokers get my email address. It's not the one linked to any of my pages. Lol.

The email subject: Model Proposition - Can you use $7000?

So of course when I open it I'm expecting some ridiculous modeling scam. Instead I get this:

I have a proposition for you which goes along with my different way of thinking. There are figures involved but please understand the email and not just the figures. Yes there is something in it for you. I asked you because you seem to be pretty tight, well from the photos that is. I travel a lot and I really don't have much time for a girlfriend or a serious one, but I do have needs and this might be a good thing. I am able to send you $3000 a month and sometimes more if we were able to see one another once or twice a month on a personal basis. No I am not trying to pay you for sex and I don't want an escort. I am doing what a man is supposed to do for his lover or what real men should do. Just think I could wine and dine for $100 and eventually still get some ASS right? Not what I am looking for, it waste the little time I have and mostly the woman walk away with nothing or the man keep spending on a woman who decides after 5 dates and $2000 later she is not interested.

Let me explain: If I worked hard all week and gave my lady $50 out of my $180 a week check for hair, gas, car, nails or whatever it would be seen as a noble thing. No I don't think your a gold digger or hoe! because I am not looking for one of those. I want a nice lady who is mature enough to handle this type of relationship, can keep our personal business to herself and don't mind starting a love affair that might later lead to something serious. The money is in the play because I have no time for the wait for sex games and other drama that comes with those relationships. In other words it start at sex. Plus it's fair because men tell women they are in love to get free azz! :) Well if your interested we need to talk ASAP so leave a name and number.

Well if your interested and need some help making the economy work out for you the deal is $7000 or more the first time and $3000 a month if there is no drama. This is not pay or business and not illegal and should not be treated as such. Leave a name, number and more revealing preferably nude photo/s if your interested. If your not interested thanks and have a good one and there is no need to reply especially if it's dramatic. Thanks until you reply.

Lorenzo Bridge MD.


Mar 19, 2010

Working towards my sainthood

Awhile back I posted this. It's a couple vids about Kiva and a link to their site.

Well today I did something better: I loaned somebody $25. I'm excited.
Now, I know. $25 to most of us is dinner. But the thing about Kiva is that through them, $25 is someone's way out of poverty. Someone's way to feed their kids or care for a sick loved one or educate a forgotten child. So I loaned it. And now, as I happily open up a box that came today from the unhealthy amount of online shopping that I do, a woman in Kenya can better take care of her family.

Do I have to be Catholic to qualify for sainthood? Hmmm.....

Jan 30, 2010


I just finished reading this trashy romance novel this morning. I fell out after work yesterday and so once my nap was over, I couldn't get back to sleep until fucking 4 am so I pretty much read the book in like 5 hours. Whatever. That's not the point.

The point is the chick in the book (who it turns out was real, which doesn't usually happen in historical romances) was supposedly "beloved of the gods". A lot of good that did her, lol. Her mother was raped and killed by Roman soldiers, her husband, the king, was poisoned by his mistress's sons, her kingdom was destroyed and she was forced to be the mistress of a Roman emperor. If that's how the gods "belove" someone, no wonder human life is so often filled with misery and bullshit.

Anyway, I'm reading this book about this poor woman who was led to believe that she was so favored by the gods and so kept taking chances and whatnot, thinking that things would work out and it reminded me (vaguely) of someone: me. Lol! And I don't even consider myself favored by any deity. So why the hell do I still keep trying?

Probably for the same reason she did, poor actual woman from the 3rd century. Because if you stop trying, you might as well "take a dagger to your breast from the shame of it all."


I wonder what February is going to do to me. ;-)