Jan 30, 2010


I just finished reading this trashy romance novel this morning. I fell out after work yesterday and so once my nap was over, I couldn't get back to sleep until fucking 4 am so I pretty much read the book in like 5 hours. Whatever. That's not the point.

The point is the chick in the book (who it turns out was real, which doesn't usually happen in historical romances) was supposedly "beloved of the gods". A lot of good that did her, lol. Her mother was raped and killed by Roman soldiers, her husband, the king, was poisoned by his mistress's sons, her kingdom was destroyed and she was forced to be the mistress of a Roman emperor. If that's how the gods "belove" someone, no wonder human life is so often filled with misery and bullshit.

Anyway, I'm reading this book about this poor woman who was led to believe that she was so favored by the gods and so kept taking chances and whatnot, thinking that things would work out and it reminded me (vaguely) of someone: me. Lol! And I don't even consider myself favored by any deity. So why the hell do I still keep trying?

Probably for the same reason she did, poor actual woman from the 3rd century. Because if you stop trying, you might as well "take a dagger to your breast from the shame of it all."


I wonder what February is going to do to me. ;-)

Jan 7, 2010

Hi 2010!!

I'm pretty sure that I never gave a thought to 2010 when I was younger.
You know what I mean. How some people go "in 2010 I wanna do such and such." Yeah. No. I've learned to stop planning. I've taken that "of mice and men" saying to heart. Or rather, it's stomped itself into my heart by means of hostile takeover. The last time I had a major plan not fuck up was when I voted for Obama and I still believe that that only worked because some other person the fates don't hold in disdain voted for him too. Just saying.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, it's a new year. And for once I didn't stay inside, terrified of drunk drivers. Instead I went to New York where drunk drivers have nothing on insane cabbies who literally try to ram into you when you're driving back to your girl's place in Jersey. Nice.

Yeah, that was awesome. Mainly because it's impossible for 2 silly ass chicks who embrace their ADD to not have fun doing...anything. Seriously. Getting dressed made us dissolve into giggles Saturday night. And by "getting dressed" I mean layering tights, leggings, tanks and t shirts then putting on a scarf and a coat and acting like that's the proper way to dress for a winter night on the east coast. =D

I'm snowed in today. I tried to use my magical powers to send all the snow to DC but I guess there was more than that 3 feet they got, because it showed up here while we were in Dallas for Christmas and keeps popping back up. Eww.
I've decided that I'm going to exercise today since I have nothing else to do and I am firmly "fat" right now. Yes, that's right. I'm not just on a no pants kick because they're cute. I also don't wanna deal with anything that needs my stupid hips and waist to cooperate with it because my hips and waist will win. More eww.

Speaking of ADD...see y'all. Pictures first though!

Christmas in Texas. My grandmother, 3 of her sisters and my cousin.

People playing Wii at Ebby's party and Ebby trying to be cute in the background.

Nicci not paying attention to the road in the Lincoln Tunnel.

Courtney. Bomb ass makeup artist, super cute chick.

Some guy with a mohawk who let me take over his hotel room in exchange for a lot of Dr. Pepper.

The bacon sculpture Nicci made New Year's Day at IHOP.

Ebby and her man. This picture is blurry because I had already had like 65% of my bottle of Veuve by this time.

Me and my snow ho, Nicci.

I have an evil expression on my face for no real reason. Or maybe that's my tipsy face. Who knows.

Happy New Year!!