Apr 20, 2009

I was pleased...

I was pleased that my hair didn't fall out and then I hit up Facebook and saw this nonsense:

Click on the pic for the full size and to read the whole thing.


Apr 17, 2009

Workout Motivation

aka What I need to look like at 40
aka Good Black don't crack...........lol

Apr 10, 2009

Do some good in the world.............

I first saw this ad when I was watching an episode of Buffy on Hulu and meant to go to it when I got some extra cash, but then I forgot. But.........I just saw it posted on facebook and now I'm spreading the word a bit more.


Apr 5, 2009

I went to the club last night....

I went to the club last night and realized something: Debutantes don't belong in places where the dj shouts out things like "All the baby mamas make some noise!!". Even if that is the place where I finally found a girl bartender who doesn't make a weak ass Jack and Coke. Because.....what's up with girl bartenders making weak drinks? Do I look like I want a weak drink? I just ordered Jack Daniel's. People who do that aren't lightweights. And if they are, that's their fault for not ordering a damn Sex on the Beach or whatever.

But I digress. Who came up with the Stanky Leg? And why is it just a hootchied up version of the Tootsie Roll?

I think I'm too old for clubs. Point me in the direction of a lounge or something. A place with candles. Candle places usually have pot stickers on platters and Gentleman Jack and champagne that isn't some obscure house label. And women who look like they are named LaQuisha with 5 kids and a tacky dress from Gordman's that accentuates how much baby weight they have NOT lost aren't allowed in. Yes. Point me in the direction of that.

Good thing I found a good bartender last night. I bet she wondered why I tipped her so well. LOL