Aug 29, 2008

August 29th

Today is my daddy's birthday. He would have been 53.

I bought a plane ticket to LA this morning. I laughed to myself because the last time I saw my father, I was leaving for LA. Moving, in fact, to California. Days after my little sister's high school graduation. I was so happy to be going. And my dad left work, drove all the way to the airport so he could say good bye. And as soon as I got on that plane, I missed him. I missed my whole family. Moving away was the biggest thing I'd done in my whole life. Going to college didn't count.
And just 5 short months later, he was gone....................

But today is his birthday. He and Mom would have gone to dinner, seen a movie. Allyson and I would have sent cards and made phone calls. He would have said something goofy and I would have been irritated.

I don't know.......I don't know what my life would have been like without my daddy. My tall, goofy, nerdy, overprotective daddy. My daddy who lived his whole life for his family, whether or not we even deserved it half the time (my sister and I could be terrors when we wanted. Remind me to tell you about the time I chased her ass around with a knife or the time she thought almost wrecking the car was a good idea). My loving, slightly impatient, exasperated with the women who outnumbered him 3 to 1 in his own damn house daddy.

I miss you.

R.I.P. Mr. Michael Lee -- August 29, 1955-October 7, 2006

Aug 24, 2008


They're doing another season of the Starter Wife.

Completely unrelated:

The Ketchup Song


Aug 12, 2008

I'm not gonna treat you differently

Unless you are one of my loved ones.

Everyone else is fair fucking game.

You don't deserve my respect. You earn my respect. Do what's necessary or shut the fuck up.


Aug 11, 2008

No. You're just fat. Deal with it.

This thread reminds me of why I hate politically correct language and the hypersensitivity that it has spawned over the years.

Fuck you. You're fat. Sorry. Here's the number to my trainer and the number to my dietitian. Have fun and don't forget to tell them I referred you so I can get a free session. Thanks.

*rolling my eyes*

Aug 10, 2008

Why Nice Guys Suck

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Preach!! lol

Edit: For the special people: I didn't write this. My baby puts it down, thank you very much.
I would never be with a guy like this. Click the Original Link for the original post. :D

So I'm dating a nice guy now and it SUCKS. No other way to explain it, it just SUCKS. He's no challenge. He agrees with everything I say. He's got it all though - a decent job, a nice house, no kids, no psycho ex-wives, and he's tall and cute. Anyone ever seen that Friends episode when Alec Baldwin played Phoebe's boyfriend?? YEAH, my boyfriend is THAT nice. He's just too fucking nice. Nice is boring. I've never heard him raise his voice. He's never aggressive. He has no edge. He won't even drive over the speed limit and that fucking annoys the shit out of me, yet I sit in the passenger seat and keep my mouth shut... watching everyone whiz by us.

And don't get me started on the sex. Oh, excuse me... making love. After he cums (note I didn't mention anything about ME cumming), he rolls over and says "Oh, that was nice" with a little sigh. I KID YOU NOT, he says it EVERY TIME and then he sighs like he has just woken from a refreshing nap. I finally got so tired of missionary and him looking lovingly into my eyes and smiling as he came, that I threw him down on the couch one night and mounted him. At first he was terrified - yes, TERRIFIED. He thought something had possessed me. And it HAD -- it was sheer MADNESS. I fucked the shit out of him that night. And then he sighed and said "Oh, that was nice".

Now that we had the cowgirl position conquered (always with that sigh afterwards), it was time to move on to doggie. His ex-girlfriend never did doggie (hmmm... maybe there's a "nice" ex-girlfriend to blame for his timid niceness?? That bitch...). Anyway, I digress. I tell him I want him to fuck me from behind. Yes, I used the word "fuck" and I didn't care what he thought about it. He gets behind me and enters me, and damned if he didn't say "OH, THIS IS NICE" !!! Are there any 35 y/o men out there that haven't smacked a woman's ass when doing her doggie?? YES, and he's my boyfriend!

Tonight during sex, I think I'm gonna tell him to stick his finger in my ass when I'm riding him. THAT should be interesting.

So for the nice guys out there, my advice is this: It's great that you're nice (to an extent), but have some backbone. Don't be a spine donor all your life. When your girl is out of line, say something. Don't let her walk all over you. Occasionally, be a "bad" boy (being bad doesn't translate to abusive or criminal). Say "No" to her sometimes. Raise your voice and be heard. Say something dirty/sexy to her occasionally. Drink a few too many beers and piss out in public. Smack her ass. Don't ever use the word NICE to describe things, especially sex (okay, that may be a personal pet peeve). Have an interest in at LEAST one sport (or pretend to). Drive 5-10 miles over the speed limit once in awhile. Run an old lady off the road just for kicks (yeah, I'm kidding about this one... just ride her bumper for a few miles). Be aggressive during sex. Take off those damn white socks and Jesus sandals. Grow a goatee for a few weeks. Shave your balls. Stray from your routine and shake things up.

BE A MAN FOR GOD'S SAKE... and the women will fall at your feet.


Aug 7, 2008


Chris Keeling: This post is absolute bullshit and it saddens me that you probably believe that it is not.

Kelli: You're damn sexy, but I still think you are a disgustingly bigoted moron. :D

Tony: I see you're getting it all in while Ransom and I can't say shit to you, huh? Cute, old man.

You know what I find interesting? I'll tell you. I find it interesting that this person only received 2 days probation for what is, in my opinion, an absolutely appalling attack on Dave and pretty much anyone else who didn't agree with her. 2 days! Hmmmm............

And LMAO @ this thread. Why, after reading the responses, was I expecting like, the biggest penis ever? Impressive, yes, but ummm.......dude still isn't cute. LOL

Danny, I feel you. PETA is retarded.

And this has nothing to do with MM, but god damn. I'm watching America's Best Dance Crew and Fanny Pak just did some hot ass shit for real. Damn!
(As soon as MTV fucking posts the videos from Week 8, it's going right here in this spot)

Aug 6, 2008

Paris Hilton for President?

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die


I'm such a bitch. Ha!

MM Observations from the sidelines for August 6, 2008:

Black People: Do you use the N word?

-Tony: Fuck you. :D
-Ricardo Sevilla: You are bitch made. You are a coward. You are an ignorant bigot. Fuck you as well.
-Jay: Yes, I've heard of The Crisis. In fact I get it every month. I've been a member of the NAACP since I was 13.
-Tony: Fuck you. I just like saying that. :D
Tony wrote: "You know things are funky when White members email me and ask me what's up."
Bragging about white people coming to you, Tony? I know what to get you for Christmas. Tap shoes.

And PS- Black people do not have an emperor.

If you are not Black:

-Warren Tan: You are a bigot, a troll and an idiot.
-studiomona: You are an instigating bitch.
-chanstudio: You're not slick and people aren't as stupid as you obviously think they are.
-Inferi: Hippies shouldn't talk.
-Ricardo: There you are again. Being a bitch. Nice to see your true colors. :)
-Shon: I love you for this post. Hee hee.
-Monad Studios: :D
-MsB: Thank you.
-Womack: Damn! Took you long enough to show up. lol

Last night, in Garry K's silly little thread, Nostalogica Ent, made some excellent points here and here. It's nice to see that someone else "gets it" amidst all of these fucking clowns.

ixxxix (aka Jay Bowman) worded this much better than I ever could have (except I'd like to add that I think Lela is also a hot mama).

Tyler sold the site. I'm reserving comment until I see what really happens instead of simply falling for what they say will happen. I don't have much faith in the ability of the mods to be.......forthcoming at the moment. ;)

Shout Out to my Black by Injections crew! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 4, 2008

Stop preaching contentment!

Jesus Mary and Joseph!

Am I the only one sick and fucking tired of people who preach contentment and complacency? Stop it!
It is one thing to be realistic and practical, but at the same time, fulfill your damn potential. Who the hell wants to be on their death bed and thinking "Well I sure am glad I didn't bother to push myself. "? I hope no one I know, that's for sure.


Aug 1, 2008

Just For Me?

Today's Deep Thought? My hair. lol

I haven't relaxed my hair since the summer of 2005 when I cut it all off and said "fuck it". It's grown back since then, but I'm sick to fucking death of pressing it.

But............I'm a bit scared to put more chemicals in it. Awhile back I dyed it and probably need to dye it again (anyday now), and nothing happened, so maybe it's all healthy again and can handle it. Blargh!

Decisions, decisions.

Maybe next year. :D