Mar 30, 2009

Time is moving quickly

And I wish I could be in more than one place at once. But, alas alack, I cannot. Hee hee.

I avoid change. It throws me off center and I hate to stumble. That is not to say that I can't handle change, just that I'd prefer to keep it to a minimum. And these days.............bleh. Change is all around me. It's hovering, waiting to fuck with one of my lists.

My new job is pretty cool. Not having to be at a desk before the sun is even fully up is pretty sweet. And I have a new accessory obsession: scarves. It's spring time and they add color, so yay! Besides, what can go wrong when your reward for a good job is a BCBG wardrobe allowance every month? lol Sure beats an office pizza party, I'll tell you that!

The new Axe Hair products smell vile, just to let you know. Don't put that shit in your hair, buy the Gillette stuff instead. Hahahahahaha.

April starts on Wednesday. Isn't that nuts? I think it's nuts. Two seconds ago I was in Vegas, chillaxin. 10 seconds ago I was in New York, actin an ass with The Collective. How is it April? I still have too much to do this year. I need to make a trip to LA before I move. I need to hit up AZ and go see bt. And when in the hell am I going to drag my happy ass to Atlanta? I need more time! And another airline sale. Let's not even get into the fact that I have to go scout out my prospective new home. Bleh! I need a frequent flyer card. Why have I never signed up for one? What was I thinking?

I want some more cotton candy.

Fluffy puppy!!

Anyway..............I think I'm getting sick of "models". They look like they're being put together in a factory somewhere, composed of 5 different options for eyes, noses, lips, tits, waists, hips, legs. Ugh. Half of them aren't even beautiful, they're just...........pleasant enough to look at for a few seconds before you hit the Back button or change the channel. But at least King will never run out of Web Girls of the Week, right? LOL

So yeah......thus ends another random entry. Later, y'all.

Mar 23, 2009

"13 reasons that Leverage is the bestthingever"

I saw this link on TWOP's Leverage forum. It made me giggle.

Click it. Thanks. Hee!!

Mar 20, 2009

Black Marriage Day

I'm going to do something that may seem a bit out of character.
I'm going to put down the sparkles and frivolity for a second and touch on something "important".
But I can't guarantee that it won't still be a bit shiny; glitter is difficult to get rid of. ;-)

March 22 is Black Marriage Day. I didn't even know that that day existed, but I think it's pretty cool. Anyway, when I went to the website for the event,, and looked around, I saw something I consider even more "important" - The National Fatherhood Initiative.

Now, obviously, I can never be a father (and thank God, mothers get better presents, lol) but as anyone close to me knows, I feel very strongly about how much of an impact my own father was in my life before he passed away. A child's father is their first example of manhood, for better or for worse, and to me that is something undeniable.

So anyway, this is what I found:
- An explanation of the Legacy Campaign
- The Legacy Wall, which features marriage stories
- A link to the African American Healthy Marriage Initiative (kinda hokey)

Okay. Enough of being "deep".

Mar 14, 2009


So I was on this sorta lame photographer's page and I saw this book cover among his pics.
It looked hi-larious so I googled it to see what it was about.
This is what I found.

*dies laughing*

Seriously people, this is the greatest fucking thing ever EVER EVER in life!!
Finding this was a gift from the Lord God Himself.
Ransom and I laughed the entire time we were looking at the website.

*dies, DIES I tell you, laughing*

But hey. She's doing her thing, so I can't really hate on that. But.........I can still think it's the funniest thing ever.


Help my boy Will out!!

So yeah. Will Springfield needs people to go tell Bombin' Magazine how fucking AWESOME he is. Because he is super, uber awesome. Just check out all the fantastic examples of his work I snagged to put in this post

Anyway, be useful before you go update your Facebook status and click this - Show and Prove - and leave a comment about how worthy Will is.

Why didn't I watch this show??!!

So I'm on Television Without Pity just now and this link caught my eye.

Oh.My.God. Why didn't I watch Rock of Love Bus? Why? I wasn't doing anything else. What is wrong with me?

Seriously, guys. Read that. I was cracking up just off the descriptions. Man! I'm gonna go see if I can find a marathon on Vh1.

Mar 11, 2009

*bewb smiley*

So I was in Vegas at the end of last month and in between doing absolutely nothing, that man dragged his camera out and Sienna came over and made me pretty. Yay!!

Leos look good in gold.

And Divas look fab in dramatic make up and purple.

*bewb smiley*

See. I told you they got bigger. Haha!

Props to Sienna from FAB Artistry and Mr. Rockwood.

Mar 10, 2009

Twitter Berry is an agent of Satan

No really.
I downloaded it to my BlackBerry and since then I have pretty much been unable to resist the urge to check it anytime I have a free second. It's scary. I think I might need some help.

Mar 1, 2009

I'm not in Vegas anymore......

*sad face*

And it fucking snowed the day I came home.
And I left my Pomegranate Rock Star in my baby's fridge.
And my mother fiddled with my DVR and now it's acting funny.


Life is fabulous when you're not on vacation, right?

Oh well. It's March. And I finished my taxes last night, so hopefully my refund won't take a million years to get deposited. Then, when I go to my girl Tiffany's pre-bachelorette party in April, I can do some extra shopping. Yay.