Jul 4, 2009

Am I the only one who has a problem with this?

I follow CNN on Twitter. They post good shit and I trust them to be a credible news resource. But...what the fuck is this? (Not that I'm blaming CNN for it, just...smdh)

I came across this link: Single black women choosing to adopt - It is apparently a part of their Black in America series. Whatever. Still disturbing.

Since when...since when is having a baby something that you can rush because you feel like you're running out of time, but you're still waiting for God to "guide you to the right man"? And then, to top it off, the woman responsible for that nonsense has 3 adopted children. Yeah. Okay, "sister". You keep waiting for God to guide a man your way who feels like dealing with your baggage. *snort* She is also quoted as saying
"I am not going to settle and get married just for the sake of being married". Ummm......let's rework that sentence: "I am not going to settle and have children just for the sake of having children." See how both sound like reasonable, mature things to say as a single woman? Sheesh!

Now please, don't get me wrong. Adoption is a beautiful and selfless thing that renews my faith in the spirit of human kindness and whatnot, but seriously. Adopting a child because you claim you can't find a good man and you're sick of waiting for one is ludicrous. Not to mention incredibly selfish. This isn't an unplanned pregnancy, where a woman might decide to have the baby for various reasons, nor is it adoption because a couple has fertility issues. Children aren't accessories nor are they salves to make you feel better about being lonely. Get a puppy. lol

And of course, the article focusing on the fact that it's black women apparently leading this "trend" did not escape me. Major WTF?! How far is this whole "independent woman" "there aren't any good black men" thing really gonna go? I mean, yeah. Buy Louboutins. Push a Lexus. Fly off with your girls to Jamaica or Aruba. Figure out your own 401k thingy. (something I still need to do, btw) But can we stop pretending that the rapid disappearance of black families isn't a tragedy and/or acting like it is truly possible to make a "family" out of any old combination of people living in the same house? Grrr!

And I refuse to comment on the section of the article where they talked about how adoptive parents are rejecting the dark skinned children.