Oct 29, 2008

You don't know headache. =D

So Tyler is trying to say that something Ransom said is what caused him to be kicked off?

Tyler is a liar.

If that were true, then he would have given him an explanation, instead of kicking him off with no warning.

The last communication the two of them had is below.

Tyler is really just ass hurt because Ransom wouldn't tell him who the leaks in the mod room were.

Oh, but I will. lol

Tyler, Brian and M.Hana act too damn ass hurt. Frog is a douche. Alex/Alexander acts like a spurned lover, and he is the one who PM'd Ransom out of turn to threaten him when you kept flagging his avatar as being 18+. Caged Gypsy is a mentally unstable cunt. Dean Johnson would be cool, but he continues to bow under the pressure of the rest of you bitches. I know Ginger is the one who was pushing for Ransom to get banned back in July when the rest of you wanted to get rid of Star for that racial insults thread she started. How do I know? Because I get anonymous emails sent through my website from one of you (probably Brian), letting me know what's going on.

Morons. In addition to Stephen Eastwood, Isis, Iona and TH Taylor, there is also an anonymous leak back there. Hope you catch him or her. =D lmao

And then you lock Star's thread and the BBI thread?
What in the FUCK are y'all scared of? Huh, Tyler? What is it, Brian?
Y'all mother fuckers have all the power, remember?
It's YOUR site. It's YOUR rules. But you're running around, throwing people off and locking shit like you're terrified that something scandalous is gonna get revealed.


Anyway. Do you. =D

---Had to edit cuz Mister Grumpy Puss wanted me to be more level headed. lol. Ain't that some shit.

If you want to email me, my address is melissalynnette@gmail.com

I know you were waiting for it

For now, just let me say, that Tyler is lying, but it's his site. He's free to kick out whomever he pleases.

But could somebody please remind him that screen caps don't lie. Thanks. :D

Full story later.

PS - I know why I was kicked off. I'm NOT mad about that. I don't want to be on a site that is gonna power trip like that with one of its most valuable members.

Oct 23, 2008

I'm a bit confused....bear with me....

  • What's up with all the Captain Save a Ho songs lately? TI, T Pain, Wayne, etc. Can't these men find a better caliber of woman?
  • Why isn't it trickin' if you got it? Is it because at least you still have some cash left when she moves on?
  • Why do some people not understand that everything they say to or do is not confidential? You are not invisible.
  • How did Beyonce manage to convince me to like that "If I Were A Boy" song? Does she have magical powers?
  • Will the Pussycat Dolls release any of the songs where Nicole isn't singing lead?
  • Why are women still having illegitimate children? Did they raise the price on condoms and the Pill when I wasn't looking?
  • Why do people who only comment on my nude pictures think they're slick? I'm not dumb. You weren't drawn to my eyes. You wanted to look at my tits. Stop lying.
  • Why is it that every time I have a temp assignment in an office, the middle aged middle manager ladies to fatten me up? Look, I brought my lunch. I don't want your cake, I don't want your cookies, I don't want your snacks, I don't want to go to lunch with you. Are you gonna explain to my trainer why I'm sluggish? No? Then stop offering me carbs. lol
  • Why is Jermaine Dupri's business so nigga rigged? My girl just hit me up, talking about how they haven' t been paying people's salaries. Fail, JD. Fail.
  • No really. Where is my government bail out?
  • Why didn't I know about Absolut Los Angeles until last night?
  • Why do so many men front about how they wouldn't fuck a chick with implants (breast or ass)? Nigga. Yes. You would.
  • When are people gonna stop asking me to "Go Green"? See, this is why I don't like hippies. Shoo.
  • How much money, exactly, do you have to have in order to get a black card with diamonds on it? Or...........have we taken bling so far that motherfuckers are decorating their credit cards? Ha.
  • Sooooo........Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are still married? Wow.
  • What's up with the CW showing reruns of 90210 already? There are only, like, 5 episodes. What happened? If that piece of shit show, One Tree Hill, can limp along for like, a decade, why can't the cheesy awesome sauce that is 90210 get a chance?
  • Why did it take me this long to get a Blackberry?
  • Shouldn't Hancock be out on DVD by now? Did I miss something?
  • How long ago do you think Diddy decided that he was gonna kick Aubrey out of Danity Kane?

Let me know.

Oct 19, 2008

People Who Support McCain

I don't understand people who are planning to vote for McCain.
I also don't understand people who are still undecided. What the fuck do you still need to know in order to decide? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anyway, back to the McCain supporters. Even if you agree with his stance on issues you find important, Palin is his VP choice. Palin. Palin!! Caribou fucking Barbie. Major fucking fail. What happens when McCain dies and she's put in charge? No really. What? Scary thought? Yeah, it really is.

I mean, Colin Powell is even backing Obama, and he knows way more about this political stuff than silly old me. =D

Besides, Obama is so darned cute! lol

Oct 18, 2008

Oh thank you, Jesus!

The term "Independent Woman" bothers me.
Especially since Beyonce herself has moved past that bullshit. Put a Ring on it. lol
The declaration that "I don't need a man" bothers me too.
Ladies, unless you have Nicole's money, stop singing her song. Besides, she has a man too.

Stop believing the hype. Some songstress' hit single should not be your life's mantra. Shit, it's not even hers. The heffa probably didn't even write the damn song. Ha!

Anyway, I just came across this column and, well, AMEN!!!!

The Original Link

The Bridge: Independent Women
« Thread Started on Jun 11, 2005, 5:19pm »
By Darryl James

“Only call your celly when I’m feeling lonely/when it’s all over please get up and leave.”
--from Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child

I was already confused over the phrase “Black Woman of The ‘90’s,” when the new century opened with the label “Independent Woman.”

There are many problems with women referring to themselves as “Independent women,” but the most glaring difficulty is that out of any ten women asked to define the phrase, as many answers will emerge.

Perhaps it once had meaning, or could potentially have meaning for strong women who are truly independent, but the fact that there is no singular meaning or movement, makes it an empty label.

Any conversation containing the phrase “Independent woman” fails at the onset, particularly because there are no men defining themselves as independent men.

Women who talk about being “independent” need to also talk about how the label has gone way too far, to the point where it is now inconsistent and in many ways cartoonish, mannish and just plain unattractive. In fact, I often cringe when I hear women talk about being "independent" because it usually means that they are not.

In the quest for so-called “independence,” some women have given up substantial portions of their womanhood—the very things that many men look for in a woman. Most of what remains in “ women” is aggressiveness and negativity.

It is not a problem for a woman to be assertive and ambitious, but it is not very attractive when a woman is aggressive.

Women can say what they want about their liberation, but we have not evolved to the point where an aggressive woman is desirable and we never will.

The overwhelming response by some women to men’s repulsion to aggressiveness and negativity is that a “strong woman” is hard to handle. It may make you feel good to declare that men can’t handle a strong woman, but you have to ask yourself what it is that is really repelling them.

My mother was a strong woman, but she never spoke in a derisive manner to my father or to her children and men were never repelled or repulsed by her. When a woman speaks to me in an overly critical and negative manner, I am neither impressed nor repulsed by her strength, I am repulsed by her poor communication skills and distasteful attitude.

The “Independent Woman” phenomenon appears to be rooted in a groupthink program, as opposed to each individual woman defining herself. As a groupthink pursuit, so-called “ women” are more worried about looking weak to other so-called “ women.” Many of them have completely abandoned the concept of building a team, because they already have their relationship defined before the man shows up, relegating his task to “rising to her level.”

One of the most repulsive aspects of the groupthink program is the frequent advice to quickly exit relationships that appear to be problematic. A man can exhibit signs of negative behavior, but without taking a closer look, “ women” are advising each other to abandon everything without trying to work it out—“You don’t need a man,” and now, “it’s just me, myself and I. I’m my own best friend”

Ladies, other so-called “ women” may respect you and support you for your ability to give up and run away quickly, however, at the end of the day, you may find yourself childless, without any prospects of marriage and thirties with nothing but unresolved issues and loneliness. After all, relationships with spouses and children are based on dependence.

Many women who refer to themselves as “independent,” also label themselves as feminists, but those politics are polluted, because many of the things they say have little to do with feminism or an intrinsic movement towards our true purposes together.

When you already have a plan together that has nothing to do with the person you meet, it will more than likely fail.

What we create has to be based on a merger of what we both need and what we both have dreamed of. On both sides, we have to begin to focus on what will bring us together, and what will keep us together. Those things have to be based on what we need in order to survive into the future.

There is too much confusion between the sexes for anyone to make assumptions or hold expectations. What has to happen is two people coming together, communicating wants and needs. When both parties are communicating, intrinsic movement can be made towards building something solid.

I believe it starts with a real conversation.

We need to talk to each other.

Just as it makes no sense for women to sit around in all female groups defining men, it also makes no sense for them to sit around and talk about what we want.

If Black women want to know what Black men want, questions should be directed to Black men.

It’s really not that complicated. For the decent, grounded Black men, raised by and around strong Black women, we want someone who will support our daily struggle. We need most of what you need, which is to have someone help to make us feel good by partnering with us while we go through our daily stress.

That’s dependence.

Being our equal is not the same as being like us. God made us differently, which means that you can be a strong woman without being a man. If you never speak softly and never interact with us in a soft manner, you are less valuable. Our male friends offer us manly interaction. We want feminine interaction from you. Your “sister/girl/friends” may give you accolades for being strong, but we will give you space for being too much like us. Just think about the men who are too much like you.

In closing, there is nothing wrong with being independent. There is something very wrong with declaring independence without the responsibilities that come along with it.

Be strong, be assertive ambitious and focused.

But if you want to be in a relationship, just don’t claim to be independent.

Oct 17, 2008

Two in one day.....

What can I say? I'm bored.

Why won't my laptop charge? =( Not cool man. I'm on the desktop and it's cold in here and I'd rather be under my big ole blanket, watching shit I have on my DVR. But no. I'm addicted to stupid messenger and I kinda haven't gotten used to my new phone's keyboard yet. Sue me.

This song on the Pussycat Dolls CD speaks to me. I have no idea why. lol It's not like Nicole is singing what my heart is saying right now, or anything. hahahahahahahaha (shut up Ebby. I don't mean all of it. =P)

Naw. I'm good. I'm done. I'm calm. Shit. I was calm to begin with, I just let my emotional ass let panic and confusion invade my spirit. That's my damn bad. Whatever. I'm a rider. I will have what I want. I don't doubt it. It's too......proper for it not to happen. And if you know me (and why the fuck are you reading this if you don't, lol), then you know that I am not a decisive person. I waffle. I waver. I can be persuaded (sometimes).
So when I know something, when I feel it, that's...it. Don't believe me? I refer you to my damn tattoo deliberations. Ha!

I want to make some apologies. I thought about it, and I lied earlier today. I have been naughty. *coy devil eyes* So here goes (you'll know who I'm talking to if you're supposed to):

-I'm sorry that I let myself be so swayed by panic that you got dragged into this mess. It's not your fault that you are who and what you are. I wasn't surprised by your actions and as such, I shouldn't have let things escalate to the point to where you were confronted and abused. While I will never like you or your actions, it is not my place to judge you for them nor to allow my anger to cause you harm or discomfort.

-I'm sorry that we are not who we should be. I love you and I never should have let my self centered nature make you feel like you were not important to me or that I did not wish you all the happiness in the world. Over the past two years I have learned who my real friends are and you deserve a place on that list, though you may no longer wish to be there.

-I'm sorry that you are a stupid, bitch made ass pussy. ( LOL Change of pace, people) Don't worry. I'll be there to remind you in case these next 7 days cause some memory loss.

-I'm sorry that you drive me crazy. I'm sorry that I can't think straight when it comes to you. I'm sorry that I frustrate you. I'm sorry that I drive you, lol. *insert the hair pulling smiley* Know this: I adore you. You deserve a medal for dealing with my emotional, irrational, loud, crazy, selfish, spoiled, high maintenance little self. Ass. =D "You're not the boss of me!"

Okay. I can't take it anymore. I need my tv. Peace.

Life is so fucking unfair.

I hate the world right now. I really, really do.

I feel like I'm being punished for something, I just don't know what the fuck that is. It's the most frustrating feeling in the world. I've been being a good girl lately. lol I swear.

And I still want to know where MY fucking government bail out is. lmao

Oct 6, 2008

You mean I get PAID to do this?? Fabulous!!

(c) Bruce Talbot

I am woefully late with this one, especially considering all of the free time I possess.

Don't let the pouty face fool you, I had a blast at the workshop and I was not alone.

Next one: March 2009, at the Fortress of Solitude (aka Arizona)

(c)Ransom J, Model Nicci

(c) Michael Bonner

(c) Ransom J

(c) Will Springfield

(c)Ransom J, starring William Elliot and some hawt tits.

(c) Will Springfield, models: William Elliot, Stacy Lee, Nicci, Myself(and one of the greatest pair of boots every), Ebby

All images taken at Studio Springfield, Downtown Los Angeles
All makeup by Lucy Dittes of Cosmetic Couture

Oct 4, 2008

Are You Registered to Vote?

If not, or if you aren't sure, click the picture below. :D