Jul 30, 2008

Beautiful is not the same as sexy

And sometimes, dammit, a girl wants to be thought of as sexy.

I get told that I'm pretty a lot. And beautiful. And gorgeous. In fact, some random lady today told me that I was pretty as we passed each other in the hall. And I appreciate this opinion. I really do.

But beautiful doesn't set anyone's blood on fire. Pretty isn't eye catching. Or maybe it does. Maybe it is. I just can't make the best argument for it right now. Blame it on the hormones. I dunno.

Anyway, my point, the reason I'm being "weird" is hey. Who doesn't want to feel sexy? Who doesn't want others to co sign that feeling? Other than nuns, I mean. Heh.

It pricks at me that I can't just pull of sexy effortlessly. That there's some sort of involved process that has to happen before I can even come close. Ugh.


I probably shouldn't blog when I'm clearly PMSing and feeling like shit, huh? ;-)

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