May 3, 2009

It's May!!

It's May and Mother's Day is coming up. Which means............Pamma and Aunt Jean are coming! =D

I'm a dork. I call my grandmother Pamma. Leave me alone, just learning to talk Melissa couldn't pronounce Grandma. So what? lol.

Anyway, she has a twin sister and they are super cute and they live together in a tiny little town in Georgia and because they are like 77 and have nothing else to do (how fabulous), they drive up to see us in my grandmother's old lady car and stay around for a month or so. And they cook. Which makes me extra excited. Because my mother does not cook. It's a tragedy. She buys a ton of Lean Cuisines and then looks at me crazy when I say I'm hungry. *headdesk*

So. They'll be here soon.


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