Jun 30, 2009


This is to all the black men with non black girlfriends who start acting guilty and special when I walk past:

I don't give a fuck. Stop it! LOL.

Now, no matter how I feel about some of the reasons why black men have decided to stop dating black women, I promise, in fact, I solemnly swear, that I won't bite you if I see y'all out with your girl. Stop calling attention to the fact that you're uncomfortable with your relationship. It's dumb, but it does make me giggle, so thanks for that.

I'm sorry that you feel like every single solitary black woman in this country is mad at you and your girl. But shit. It's not that deep. Stop ducking your heads, shuffling your feet, pulling her close to you, looking at the ceiling, pulling your phone out real quick, etc. when you see me. Please!

Thank you. =D

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