Aug 24, 2009

I can't figure out if this is worse than another Tyler Perry movie....

I was browsing here and saw this link and it lead me here.

Y'all...this is why we can't have nice things.

Why does that horrible book need to be made into a movie? And why can't I figure out if this is worse than a Tyler Perry movie? I mean, so few things in this universe are worse, in my opinion, than a Tyler Perry movie.

Let's compare them:

Steve Harvey's book - Regurgitated, plagiarized material, repackaged by a man in a pimp suit and cosigned by fucking Oprah, at whom I am still mad for fucking up Their Eyes Were Watching God, lol.

A Tyler Perry movie - Regurgitated, repackaged stereotypes and bullshit, presented by a crossdressing, chitlin circuit "screenwriter" and cosigned by fucking Oprah, at whom I am still mad for inspiring fucking Tyra Banks and making her think she should talk instead of sit there and look pretty.

It's a close one.

I mean, Oprah did get Obama elected, but I'm convinced that she funds a lot of this crap that contributes to the fucked up condition of the black community so..........yeah.

I might have to get back to you on this one. Either way, I'm upset. ;-)


ActsofFaithBlog said...

I saw your blog on my feed stream and had to come say hello. Thanks for linking to me by the way and can I just say, "Wow". Now I don't use swear words on my blog but I totally understand the sentiment in this scenario. Here's the thing: if black women weren't supporting this defamation, if they didn't think it was cute or harmless or worse that it has "value" none of this would go down. When Oprah had Harvey for the Friday live show and said she'd invite him back had she been bombarded with angry emails, phone calls, etc she would not have been promoting this nonsense. If we stop supporting the gutter with our understanding, our patience, our turning a blind eye, our saying "it wasn't about me" then it would cease to exist. Just because the wolf is howling outside the door doesn't mean we have to let it in, offer it a bed and cook it a meal! I find more and more that I will need to separate myself from many people and compartmentalize them because many of us have put on blindfolds and wear them with pride even after we've stumbled.

The_N_Word. said...

I cosign everything you just said. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? Will Madea and her sassy black "life lessons" be in the movie? Are advanced tickets available? I can't wait! UGH.

Will Springfield said...

DAMN dude, as if women arent taking that book seriously enough already... foolishness form a man who without his corny show... and half funny comedy wouldnt even get any pussy...