Mar 20, 2008

Grown Children

I've recently been a witness to the antics of some grown children who are mildly in my acquaintance. There are two things that make this more interesting than you would think. One, calling them mild acquaintances is sad because at one time we were closer almost than my closest friends and I are now. Two, because they have decided to direct their mundane blatherings in my direction. Reason still unknown.

I wasn't going to even post about these jokers, but I was in the shower a few minutes ago (nice visual, huh?) and said to myself "why the fuck not?" Maybe it will serve as a cautionary tale or give someone a giggle.

A few tips:

  • If you are a grown child, with a fiancee and a degree, fucking anything that comes your way so long as it possesses the gender specific anatomy of your choice, is NOT a good look. You are too damn old for that shit.
  • If you are a grown child, feeling superior about things that happened when you were a teenager is NOT a good look. The fact that you can't find any current accomplishments to talk about is pathetic. Get off your ass and do something with yourself.
  • If you are a grown child and you still live with your parents (note: this is not the same as your parents living with you), you have NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER talking shit about anyone who put their own name on a lease/mortgage. Pitiful.
Grown children are easy to spot. They use silly nicknames for one another, but aren't signed to a major record label. If they had actual budgets, they would find that they spent more on weed than bills. They talk shit "in code" about people, then play stupid when someone calls them on it. They have yet to figure out that this world is about more than how many points you can rack up with your other grown children friends.


Well, I've got a shoot tomorrow and I have to go pack my bag and get my beauty sleep.

People are paying good money for this Diva's presence. Can't disappoint them. :D

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