Mar 9, 2008

If I can make it there.............

Went to New York a couple weeks ago. Managed to have the time of my life without actually doing much of anything. If I thought I could handle the financial strain, I'd go live there like a month or two out of the year. Loved it.

I'm such a dork, my favorite part was riding the subway. lol I nearly gave my mother a heart attack when I told her about taking the train back from Brooklyn at one in the morning.

(c) Steve Azzara

I think the absolute best part, though, was my "swag". My girl Ebby works for Beverly Feldman, and I got to her apartment one night to meet these.
Bless that girl!

Shot with two awesome photographers while I was there. I posted a little sample of the kick ass shit we came up with.

(c) Will Springfield

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