Jan 25, 2009


They mad. lmao


Kita St. Cyr said...

::rolls eyes::

[tiffany] said...

Why she gotta say it like that?!
It's a damn shame they got MY people on there talkin' all that shit...
I hate FOX News.
They are the devil.

MDiva said...

She kinda looks like you too, Tiff. Hahahahahaha! j/k

Naw though. I was at work, cracking up when I first saw this shit. Fox News needs to sit down.

William Elliot said...

here we go again they are speaking of obama not denouncing people who have said things which could make him look bad. they also speak of how this is SUPPOSED to be the post racial america. BUT...

here we go again so when a black person says something out of line he is speaking for all black people, no he is speaking for himself. not all black people have the sme opinion because they are black. bush didnt have to denounce all white people who said something stupid because they were white and a high profile celebrity. so who should obama have to do the same?

BESIDES, the president is BLACK is a fact, not an opinion. must we send fox news anchors back to school. why must the administration distance itself from a fact.