Feb 11, 2009

Excited doesn't come close...

To say that I am excited about Dollhouse premiering on Friday would be a fucking understatement.

Joss Whedon, the nice man who is responsible for my like, 2nd favorite tv show ever, and Eliza Dushku, who is just fucking hot, got together (again) for this new series and it. starts. on. Friday!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

This link has the awesome preview, but embedding was disabled, so here's some not as awesome embeddable ones from Fox. =D =D

PS to Joss Whedon (not that he's reading this):

LMAO @ the fact that the episode where Buffy loses her virginity and causes Angel to lose his soul is called "Surprise!" Surprise, bitch!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!
I know. I'm a mega dork. Deal with it. lol

1 comment:

Angelus Complex said...

Yea I'm a little... I'm not excited and I'm not "thumbs down" on it, but I do want to see what it's about.
I'm about to watch that Buffy season because you brought it up, because good goddamn she brought out a whole new definition to bad pussy. "Her pussy was so bad, I lost my soul and turned evil." lol

I guess it really was because she was not good.