Mar 30, 2009

Time is moving quickly

And I wish I could be in more than one place at once. But, alas alack, I cannot. Hee hee.

I avoid change. It throws me off center and I hate to stumble. That is not to say that I can't handle change, just that I'd prefer to keep it to a minimum. And these days.............bleh. Change is all around me. It's hovering, waiting to fuck with one of my lists.

My new job is pretty cool. Not having to be at a desk before the sun is even fully up is pretty sweet. And I have a new accessory obsession: scarves. It's spring time and they add color, so yay! Besides, what can go wrong when your reward for a good job is a BCBG wardrobe allowance every month? lol Sure beats an office pizza party, I'll tell you that!

The new Axe Hair products smell vile, just to let you know. Don't put that shit in your hair, buy the Gillette stuff instead. Hahahahahaha.

April starts on Wednesday. Isn't that nuts? I think it's nuts. Two seconds ago I was in Vegas, chillaxin. 10 seconds ago I was in New York, actin an ass with The Collective. How is it April? I still have too much to do this year. I need to make a trip to LA before I move. I need to hit up AZ and go see bt. And when in the hell am I going to drag my happy ass to Atlanta? I need more time! And another airline sale. Let's not even get into the fact that I have to go scout out my prospective new home. Bleh! I need a frequent flyer card. Why have I never signed up for one? What was I thinking?

I want some more cotton candy.

Fluffy puppy!!

Anyway..............I think I'm getting sick of "models". They look like they're being put together in a factory somewhere, composed of 5 different options for eyes, noses, lips, tits, waists, hips, legs. Ugh. Half of them aren't even beautiful, they're just...........pleasant enough to look at for a few seconds before you hit the Back button or change the channel. But at least King will never run out of Web Girls of the Week, right? LOL

So yeah......thus ends another random entry. Later, y'all.

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