Mar 20, 2009

Black Marriage Day

I'm going to do something that may seem a bit out of character.
I'm going to put down the sparkles and frivolity for a second and touch on something "important".
But I can't guarantee that it won't still be a bit shiny; glitter is difficult to get rid of. ;-)

March 22 is Black Marriage Day. I didn't even know that that day existed, but I think it's pretty cool. Anyway, when I went to the website for the event,, and looked around, I saw something I consider even more "important" - The National Fatherhood Initiative.

Now, obviously, I can never be a father (and thank God, mothers get better presents, lol) but as anyone close to me knows, I feel very strongly about how much of an impact my own father was in my life before he passed away. A child's father is their first example of manhood, for better or for worse, and to me that is something undeniable.

So anyway, this is what I found:
- An explanation of the Legacy Campaign
- The Legacy Wall, which features marriage stories
- A link to the African American Healthy Marriage Initiative (kinda hokey)

Okay. Enough of being "deep".

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