Jun 28, 2008

I only have one working contact...

So I keep thinking people are attractive when they actually aren't.

Why oh why couldn't my optometrist get me in any earlier than Thursday? :-(

I'm in a good mood lately. I had had some shit on my mind that was fucking with me, but then I took the time to process through it and now I'm good. I'm like extra much good. ::happy dance::

I'm going back to Vegas next month. And I found out that Boyz II Men is coming 3 days before my birthday, so that's gonna be an awesome present. And the plans for my Christmas present are coming along so nicely that I think (fingers crossed) that it might turn into a Halloween gift. Yes, you're right, those don't exist. So what? I'm too excited to wait for no good reason.

I haven't broken a nail in weeks (I just jinxed myself, I know) and today I found a store that sells my favorite Rockstar in a case instead of singly. You gotta take pleasure in the little stuff, right? :-)

Anyway.........that's all. ::kisses::

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