Aug 6, 2008


I'm such a bitch. Ha!

MM Observations from the sidelines for August 6, 2008:

Black People: Do you use the N word?

-Tony: Fuck you. :D
-Ricardo Sevilla: You are bitch made. You are a coward. You are an ignorant bigot. Fuck you as well.
-Jay: Yes, I've heard of The Crisis. In fact I get it every month. I've been a member of the NAACP since I was 13.
-Tony: Fuck you. I just like saying that. :D
Tony wrote: "You know things are funky when White members email me and ask me what's up."
Bragging about white people coming to you, Tony? I know what to get you for Christmas. Tap shoes.

And PS- Black people do not have an emperor.

If you are not Black:

-Warren Tan: You are a bigot, a troll and an idiot.
-studiomona: You are an instigating bitch.
-chanstudio: You're not slick and people aren't as stupid as you obviously think they are.
-Inferi: Hippies shouldn't talk.
-Ricardo: There you are again. Being a bitch. Nice to see your true colors. :)
-Shon: I love you for this post. Hee hee.
-Monad Studios: :D
-MsB: Thank you.
-Womack: Damn! Took you long enough to show up. lol

Last night, in Garry K's silly little thread, Nostalogica Ent, made some excellent points here and here. It's nice to see that someone else "gets it" amidst all of these fucking clowns.

ixxxix (aka Jay Bowman) worded this much better than I ever could have (except I'd like to add that I think Lela is also a hot mama).

Tyler sold the site. I'm reserving comment until I see what really happens instead of simply falling for what they say will happen. I don't have much faith in the ability of the mods to be.......forthcoming at the moment. ;)

Shout Out to my Black by Injections crew! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

:( @ Tony and ya'll not getting along.

I just don't understand why non black folks are just so worried about what we do, why do you want to talk for us?

Anyway. I love you gurl!

nicci said...

love U! :)