Aug 7, 2008


Chris Keeling: This post is absolute bullshit and it saddens me that you probably believe that it is not.

Kelli: You're damn sexy, but I still think you are a disgustingly bigoted moron. :D

Tony: I see you're getting it all in while Ransom and I can't say shit to you, huh? Cute, old man.

You know what I find interesting? I'll tell you. I find it interesting that this person only received 2 days probation for what is, in my opinion, an absolutely appalling attack on Dave and pretty much anyone else who didn't agree with her. 2 days! Hmmmm............

And LMAO @ this thread. Why, after reading the responses, was I expecting like, the biggest penis ever? Impressive, yes, but ummm.......dude still isn't cute. LOL

Danny, I feel you. PETA is retarded.

And this has nothing to do with MM, but god damn. I'm watching America's Best Dance Crew and Fanny Pak just did some hot ass shit for real. Damn!
(As soon as MTV fucking posts the videos from Week 8, it's going right here in this spot)

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