Apr 1, 2008

High School Confidential

Sub Title: My little sister, the reality tv star

I've been aware for some time that so called reality television would be better off labeled something less misleading. I just never expected to have my family on the other end of the remote.

WE TV, one of those sappy cable channels meant to cater to menopausal women, picked up a random documentary made a couple years earlier by a single mother in Johnson County, Kansas. From 2002 to 2006, this single mother followed 12 girls through all 4 years of their high school journey and then pestered them when they were home from college on breaks.
That first part you can read on the website, but that last bit is my own take on the situation.

How do I know? My little sister, Miss Lil' Bit herself, was one of the insane 12 girls who agreed to let cameras (and a chipper Jewish lady) follow them around for what turned out to be quite a ride.

I opted out of making an appearance and for the most part it worked. Between being in an out of state college for a good chunk of the taping and standing behind the camera when I was not, I managed to avoid making the...questionable decision to air my dirty laundry for anyone to see.

The show (which premiered on March 10) was edited to showcase between 1 and 3 girls an episode, so I didn't get a chance to see my sister's "story" until, well, about 10 minutes ago. I have an unhealthy attachment to my DVR and no longer feel the need to watch shows when they come on. Makes it easier to skip the commercials. lol Anyway, I kinda knew what to expect because in this age of "sneak peeks", clips from my sister's story were already on the show's website and on the YouTube channel. I just didn't expect them to skew her story so damn much.

This post might make me seem angry with WE and whoever did the editing, but please, let me assure you that I'm not. A more accurate word would be disappointed. The only black girl chosen for the show and the main focus was her pregnancy and abortion the summer she turned 16. She wasn't even the only girl on the show who got pregnant. And...I hate to pull the race card, because I hate it when people do it, but come on now. My beautiful, intelligent, funny, hard working, accomplished baby sister and you can only find time to focus on her one mistake? Pshh. Her episode structure was even completely different.

Yes. TV is about what sells, it's about ratings, I know. I have to know, I'm in the entertainment business. I guess I just expected more after watching the way the other girls were shown.

I should sue. I didn't sign a release and the bastards put me in the damn thing anyway. lol

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The_N_Word. said...

Holy mother of cock! I saw a preview for the episode and I'm like "woohoo, I'm watching THIS". Haven't seen it yet though.