Apr 25, 2008

Leave your grandmother at home!

I've got a couple of random thoughts to share.

  1. If you absolutely MUST bring your over bearing mother with you to a photo shoot, please leave your grandmother at home.
  2. Sparkles and puppy dogs won't pay the rent. If they do, where the fuck do YOU live?
  3. No. I'm not going to get a "real job". If even my mother can't force me to, who the fuck do you think you are to try?
  4. I.Am.Fucking.Fabulous. Opposing opinions will not sway me from this conviction. Especially when you're just salty anyway.
  5. Don't be mad that you can't do it like me. Just figure out how to do it like you. That's what life is about.
  6. I need a blue wig.

Soooo......I escaped from Houston and am now in Shreveport. I should at least pretend to sleep. There's a long weekend of shooting ahead of me.

I'll keep you posted.

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