Apr 18, 2008

"I'd fuck a chick with a tail..."

Will Springfield is a silly ass nigga.
Which pretty much means I'm a silly ass bitch for being friends with him. lol

So yeah, I'm in LA this week and, really, woo hoo. I got here Wednesday and went straight to a fucking audition, then crashed for like 5 hours. Oh man. It's so nice to be back. Except I'm leaving again in like a day. Ha! I have termed my lifestyle "sexy gypsy chic". It sounds so much better than nomad or dirty hippy. Besides, have you seen my shoes? It fits. :D

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day on set for Numbers. A show that I have never seen and know absolutely nothing about. But they recalled me for today, so maybe I can ask someone what the hell it's about. (Or I can just wiki it, but meh)

Anyway, I'm heading to Vegas on Sunday night. This should be interesting.


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