Apr 14, 2008

Please Lord, don't let all my hair fall out.

~I'm dying my hair tomorrow. I haven't put chemicals on my hair in about 2 years. Ack!

~~Flying to LA Wednesday morning. I have to drive my fricking self to the airport. I hate driving and I especially hate the thought of driving all the way to KCI, by myself, half sleep. Let's hope I make it.

~~~Flaky ass photographers get on my fucking nerves. Yeah, some models might skip out on a trade shoot, but it's even more annoying to be expecting money from a paid shoot and then have some wishy washy photographer start making excuses at the last minute.
Don't ask me to shoot if you don't want to shoot. Don't ask for and agree to my rate if you don't want to pay it. And don't fucking try to string me along if we aren't gonna shoot. I can use that time for an extra nap or something. Just let me know. Fucker.

~~~~FYI-Married people don't get the luxury of having a freak on the side.
If you want a freak, then marry one or hire a hooker.
Don't hit up girls you used to date because your wife sucks in bed.
*rolling my eyes*

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