Oct 6, 2008

You mean I get PAID to do this?? Fabulous!!

(c) Bruce Talbot

I am woefully late with this one, especially considering all of the free time I possess.

Don't let the pouty face fool you, I had a blast at the workshop and I was not alone.

Next one: March 2009, at the Fortress of Solitude (aka Arizona)

(c)Ransom J, Model Nicci

(c) Michael Bonner

(c) Ransom J

(c) Will Springfield

(c)Ransom J, starring William Elliot and some hawt tits.

(c) Will Springfield, models: William Elliot, Stacy Lee, Nicci, Myself(and one of the greatest pair of boots every), Ebby

All images taken at Studio Springfield, Downtown Los Angeles
All makeup by Lucy Dittes of Cosmetic Couture

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