Oct 29, 2008

You don't know headache. =D

So Tyler is trying to say that something Ransom said is what caused him to be kicked off?

Tyler is a liar.

If that were true, then he would have given him an explanation, instead of kicking him off with no warning.

The last communication the two of them had is below.

Tyler is really just ass hurt because Ransom wouldn't tell him who the leaks in the mod room were.

Oh, but I will. lol

Tyler, Brian and M.Hana act too damn ass hurt. Frog is a douche. Alex/Alexander acts like a spurned lover, and he is the one who PM'd Ransom out of turn to threaten him when you kept flagging his avatar as being 18+. Caged Gypsy is a mentally unstable cunt. Dean Johnson would be cool, but he continues to bow under the pressure of the rest of you bitches. I know Ginger is the one who was pushing for Ransom to get banned back in July when the rest of you wanted to get rid of Star for that racial insults thread she started. How do I know? Because I get anonymous emails sent through my website from one of you (probably Brian), letting me know what's going on.

Morons. In addition to Stephen Eastwood, Isis, Iona and TH Taylor, there is also an anonymous leak back there. Hope you catch him or her. =D lmao

And then you lock Star's thread and the BBI thread?
What in the FUCK are y'all scared of? Huh, Tyler? What is it, Brian?
Y'all mother fuckers have all the power, remember?
It's YOUR site. It's YOUR rules. But you're running around, throwing people off and locking shit like you're terrified that something scandalous is gonna get revealed.


Anyway. Do you. =D

---Had to edit cuz Mister Grumpy Puss wanted me to be more level headed. lol. Ain't that some shit.

If you want to email me, my address is melissalynnette@gmail.com


Nik said...

oh the fuckery. i truly HOPE that one of them reads this blog. epic mm fail.

Anonymous said...

Frog ain't be mod. More like spy. Anyone who let him become a mod is a koolaid drinker or part of that other group trying to bring down mm as well.

Anonymous said...

first off it isn't tyler's site it's brians. anyone knows that tyler is brian's bitch. how did biran end up at the top? is he some bigtime NY photographer? has he shot anything besides some bad headshots?

who are the ony people on there who are sane? kevin, dan hood, probably rich, thtaylor, dean. if tyler wants to plug some leaks he should look at the top, his right handmen and women who are gameplaiying to keep themselves at the top of the food chain and for what?so they can pretend to be models and photographers? thats why any bigtime photographer inMM forums has been run off by the powers that be on mm. but the mods don't seem to caremuch about the real trolls in the forums, those people get to stay probably because they knownothing about photography and won't make fun of the bullshit work most of the mods claim to do.

Kita St. Cyr said...

:O Wow...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you named the leaks - love it!

i think m.hana was scapegoated too much on the last error in rules issue. he is actually the shit.

the rest of the mods, eh.

so are you coming back, when they let you?

Anonymous said...

Yep, I voted for Ransom to be removed, a few times. Comes with the "job". I've never denied it, nor was I alone in my votes.

Why only post the part of the CAM that shows Ransom as the victim? Go ahead and post the whole thing to show what all was said, by everyone, so they can see why he was removed.


MDiva said...


At least you put your name to it this time.

How about this?

I would have posted the whole thing, but your buddy Tyler didn't tell Ransom any of this until AFTER I posted this blog. When I GET the screen caps, I'll put them up.

Besides, I just don't fucking believe you and I just don't fucking believe Tyler. It's all too fucking convenient, ya know? And being as how I don't trust any of the mods on that site, you'll have to forgive me for thinking you are full of shit. =D

So, come in here and "defend" yourself if you want. Can't imagine why you'd bother. Like I said, what are YOU worried about, hmmm?

Oh, and the people that I've told the "whole story" to? Think you're full of shit as well. Either explanation is bitch made.

Anonymous said...

can we find out more?

can someone start an off-mm discussion site where threads don't get shut down and people told to just CAM it?

and what is the deal with Frog? is he all of a sudden some MM supermod? if so why? he's known about a bunch of fake profiles run by his friends.

Anonymous said...

See this is the shit that I'm talking about. Ginger you're either talking about shit you don't know, or you're a lying cunt.

First off, that didn't come from a CAM, it came from a PM, nd those are the ONLY two responses in that entire PM. As a matter of fact, it's the ONLY correspondence I've EVER had with Tyler before he banned me. Both in PM, CAM and in FORUMS. I've never talked to Tyler before that. Any attempts to say otherwise is a blatant LIE. So Tyler saying that something I said to him got me banned is a lie. Out and out Lie.

I never spoke to tyler before that EVER. After the fact, I spoke to him, WHEN I WAS ALREADY BANNED.

I called M. Hana bitchmade once for calling me a liar in a CAM and HE APOLOGIZED cause HE WAS WRONG.

My issue with YOU I never brought up. Not once. There was never a time when I brought up the fact that you were a lying two faced bitch that was vying to get me banned while acting all friendly in CAM's ONE TIME until Stephen asked me what my problems were with the mods. And even then i didn't say anything other than the fact that you were pushing to get me banned. I didn't call YOU out your name, i didn't insult you, I didn't do anything at all but state the facts. I dare you to show me different. I double dare you.

I've always been nothing but cordial to YOU, and all of the mods. Even Frog. Until Stephen asked me to outline my issues, i kepts my issues to myself. but ya'll have been discussing banning me for MONTHS.

Just like you are trying to Ban Star.

Point bln, this boils down to the fact that I was giving information from other Mods and i wouldn't tell where I got it from.

Funny thing id I know of times when MOST of the mods have abused their power. Brian included. So for you to all act all surprised that someone "tells what happens behind the scenes" is full of shit.

You all do it.


You don't WANT me to post EVERYTHING that was said in EVERY CAM Ginger


Nik said...

and what exactly were the grounds for ransom's removal? because he speaks the truth? because he doesn't sugar coat shit? because he tells models and "photographers" (lol @ that one) when they ain't shit? what the fuck? the world and pretty and provided no vasoline. some one these bitches really do need to be told that they couldn't shoot a model with a fucking semi automatic rifle if their life depended on it. it think they really are mad AND jealous that he's cocky and has the talent to back it up. i don't wanna play the race card but you bitches really don't like to see a HNIC. bad move guys.... bad move.

MDiva said...

My GOD M. Hana is such a fucking pussy!

The fuck is this shit, man?



Worst Mod Ever.

Anonymous said...

Ransom, I typed another response that hasn't been approved yet, although the blog owner has responded since. Interestingly enough.

Just because I was cordial with you doesn't make me a lying bitch. I have said what my role was so I am still questioning how I am a liar.

I am also looking for where I said you called me out or insulted me. I am the one who told you I brigged you. I am the one who said before that I voted for your removal months ago. And in that missing response I typed earlier, I stated why I voted for your removal.

Go ahead and call me whatever you want, it doesn't change things. I have not lied about anything, so there isn't anything to be gained by saying I am or calling me names.

Have a great day.


MDiva said...

What other comment, Ginger?
I can only approve comments that show up on my dashboard.
Wanna try that line of bullshit again?

MDiva said...

One more thing, Ginger, this isn't even really about you. So why are you the only one who felt the need to come in here and "defend" your stance? Again I ask, what ARE you worried about? You have the "power", remember?

Bitch ass heffa. Don't try to imply I'm sitting on your little non existent comment.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't there then I don't know where it went. I had said (this isn't verbatim, I said a lot of things) I had voted for his removal because I didn't understand why people spent the time and energy on a battling a website so my stance is get rid of and move on. I've voted several times on the same principle on other people, some gone, some not.

I also said I have no opinion of any of you and was not trying to defend anyone. If there is something to hife, I am not privy to it. I only responded to clarify what I had involvement in.

I don't have the "power" never did. I most certainlu don't now, or whenever the change takes place.

You all can think of me what you will, as I said already, call me names whatever you want. I am not going to stoop to that level. I don't like or dislike you. I have no opinion either way. I am not going to waste any more time on this. I mostly stayed out of all the bs until I saw my name mentioned. If you don't want a response, don't start naming people.

On one last note, don't trust the people around you jumping on the bandwagon. They all talk too. A lot.


MDiva said...


Anyway, this is my blog, I can name names if I want. Go back to MM and do your "job". I was just there and saw a bunch of briggable violations. Now that Ransom and I are gone, I hope you guys will have more time to find the actual asshats who have been shitting all over the site.

But it's interesting that you say you voted to remove Ransom because he "fought" the site. You mean, "because he didn't fall in line and kiss mod ass", right? Because daily, people "fight" the site and I still see them around. It's just that they kiss ass the whole time, so y'all lap it up. I've seen y'all nut all over things "pleasant" people have had to say that you completely ignored when someone like me or Star or Ransom brought up.

Oh, it wasn't you? Well since the mods are so fucking determined to present that ridiculously unbelievable "united front", guess what? It's just as good as you. Or Dean. Or Rich. Or Dan Hood. Or any of the other somewhat reasonable, non twat nozzled mods on that site, that have to suffer for what you allow the few shit faces to get away with. Have fun with that.

Oh, and here's some Advil. lol

Shon D. said...

Wow, Ginger.

First of all, I didn't even KNOW you were a bitch.

I'm not Tyler. said...

Many people before you became 'popular' on MM and for one reason or another they've either greatly reduced their activity on MM or totally left.

MM successfully continued on without them.

Like it or not, history is repeating itself.

Look at the positive side. If you put half the effort into improving your life (ie: going to school, finding an agent, opening your own business) as you did with countless hours of worthless drivel on MM you'll be very successful in whatever field you pursue.

MDiva said...

.......I never said MM would screech to a halt. I'm not that arrogant. But I've been fielding a ton of emails, IMs, texts and calls about this situation, so of course I posted about it. It's a lot easier than, oh, I don't know, explaining the same story over and over again.

And I have never been worried about my success in whatever I eventually choose to pursue, but thanks all the same. =D

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

I'm glad you're losing paid work. There should be some comeuppance for you being a lying conniving yamp. And since Tyler co-signs your bullshittery, then i'm glad it manifests itself in other ways.

You're right, there is a such thing as defamation of character and libel, and laws do apply to people that are engaging in those activities, but since everything that i've ever said about you is the unadulterated truth that I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, then I'm not privy to such laws. You on the other hand might want to check shit you've said int he past.

I invite you to act on any "libel" or "defamation" issues with a lawyer. I dare you. I double dog dare you. Have your lawyer contact me, all of my info is available on my website www.rhotographic.com, I await your lawyer's phone call. Or will this just be another bullshit post made to "seem" as if you have been victimized to hide who YOU truly are?

I vote the latter. Cause YOU know that any lawsuit you would try to bring holds NO fucking water whatsoever.

stupid bint.


Anonymous said...

This was kind of funny at first now it is getting pretty lame. Damn dude, what is up with you?

If you want to fuck with someone, fuck with someone who deserves it.

Double dog dare? Are you like 12 or something? LOL

Fucking lame.

MDiva said...

"Getting lame"?

This shit has been lame. This situation has been lame since these fuckers set out to get people kicked off a god damn internet modeling site because they didn't like their shitty ass internet personalities.

And what the fuck is up with all these people sitting on my fucking blog? Y'all are gonna fry my inbox with all this shit. lol

Anonymous said...

"This shit has been lame. This situation has been lame since these fuckers set out to get people kicked off a god damn internet modeling site because they didn't like their shitty ass internet personalities"

The lame part is you all seem to think it is okay to drag someone through the mud who hasn't done anything wrong. You are right, you two do have shitty ass internet personalities. But I guess you are proud of that.

Since neither of you seem to have a leg to stand on, I hope she does sue your ass.

You think taking money from her family, medical care and food for her child is deserved "comeuppance" over some website bullshit that you caused yourself is cool man. You are awesome.

I didn't know you were that immature.

MLD, you are who you associate with. Isn't that basically what you told Ginger?

MDiva said...

Again I say "what the fuck is up with all these people sitting on my fucking blog?"

If Ginger were honestly worried about losing money, she would contact me personally. Ways to hit me up are all over the place. But no. She apparently wants to go play around in some thread on MM, knowing someone was going to send the link to me and Ransom.
So you know what? I don't fucking believe her. I just don't. And if that makes me lame, so be it. What the fuck ever.

We're talking about the internet here. I posted a blog for the people who wanted to know what happened. Anyone who doesn't believe me is free to.....not fucking read the shit. Ginger claims she responded because I brought her name up. Too bad I didn't say anything negative about her in my original post. I simply stated something that SHE herself came in here and confirmed. She could have stayed out of it, but no, for some reason she wanted to show up and act an ass. Fine by me. That's her choice.

So here's a suggestion for Ginger, because of course she is reading this: Sue me. Sue Ransom. Have fun. Email me for my personal contact information.

Anonymous said...

What's lame is that you're hiding behind anonymous posting instead of standing by your word.

Which pussy are you?

If I'm correct I've BEEN saying "I'll leave them alone, if they leave me alone"

Apparently THEY don't know how to do that. I caused this myself? Really? I can prove that i didn't. I keep telling them i can and I will if they are willing to gve full disclousure on both sides.

You think i give a fuck if Ginger is out money? Hell no. I really don't give a rats ass. I'm not sensitive to her or her families needs, cause apparently she's not sensitive to my needs. I make money on that site, but the money i'm out by not being there is a non-issue huh? Nah it's an issue. And if that issue makes me 12 then so be it. I'm a 12 yer old that stands by my words though. a 12 year old that doesn't leave anonymous tags because i'm too scared for people to know that i said something.

You people can make this about ME or say that i brought this on myself, but WHO is the one that keeps bringing it up? Who is the one that keeps making assertions with no intent or plan to back them up with disclosure?

not me. Anything That i have said (to which NONE of you now what I've really said because I haven't written blogs, posts, e-mails, or messages about it) i can and WILL back up so long as the other parties are willing to do that same.

I'm all for EVERYBODY just coming out and putting the bullshit out there. But they don't want to. Not because it makes them mature, because if they were so mature they wouldn't be making dear john letters in forums talking about something that i haven't talked about since it happened." No, they don't want it brought up and out for everyone to see because it MIGHT prove that my complaints are valid.

You are so sure she didn't do anything wrong and i challenge you, and her, and Tyler and the site mods to PROVE IT.

Why take her word for it?

I'm not asking you to take MINE, I'm telling you I'm willing to prove my case, but only if BOTH side are willing to bring all information to the table, that way that can't just claim I'm lying, they'll have to PROVE I'm lying.


Anonymous said...

Interesting read.

I found your blog through one of your friends who linked it in their Model Mayhem profile.

I don't know who any of you are, but you have definitely made an impression.

I need to look up this Ginger gal. Looks like she could use a paid shoot or two.

Anonymous said...

Seeing how you have talked to and about her here, why would she contact you privately? If you are this rude in public, I can't imagine how you are in private.

And what does she have to prove? She has owned up to your claims. What is left that has anything to do with her? Take your issues up with who they should be taken up with. His name is Tyler.

Anonymous said...

Awww..... Isn't that cute. You're giving Ginger charity work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think you brought it all on yourself. I have seen how you acted in the forums, I see how you have acted here, there is no doubt in my mind you brought it all on yourself.

The huge difference between you losing work on the site and her losing work on the site is YOU got yourself removed. SHE didn't remove you.
You are going after the ONE person who has the balls to respond to this because you don't have access to anyone else. That makes you pathetic.

I know Ginger. I have had the pleasure of meeting her. She is one of the kindest most decent people I have ever met. I believe every word she has said. I have no reason not to. She has proven to be a very honest person time and time again to me and many others. You on the other hand, I can't say. You keep saying you have all this evidence. Evidence of what? You being a jerk to almost anyone who doesn't kiss your ass?

Get a fucking life. As someone posted earlier, use all this energy for something constructive.


e-string said...

This is delicious.

There are a few good mods left on MM... but not many.

Nik said...

how about i vote that bitches shouldn't be allowed to post anonymous on this post. if you're man (or woman) enough to post something on this blog, post your fucking name. all this hiding behind an anonymous post shit is getting ridic. HOW THE FUCK are you posting on someone's thread to tell them that you don't like them or that they deserved this yet you can't show your identity makes you BITCH MADE and you aren't worth the used toilet paper i wiped my ass with. show your identity or GTFO and don't post your fuckery in this bitch.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is some fuckery going on in here "Diva".

Too pussy to post my comments I guess. I've responded twice, this being the third and you haven't put it up there. The Obama lover blog sure made the cut though.

Double dares and selective anti-Ransom comment acceptance. Looks like you two are a perfect match.

Hey Fox, grow the fuck up and take responsibility. You pissed in the golden pot and got flushed. I hear Model Brigade is desperate for members, why don't you go tear it up! LOL

Sincerely, John

MDiva said...

womp wompity womp


Y'all were ON IT last night, huh?

Lovin' it!

Oh and "John", posting the most generic name in the country doesn't count. =D

Motherfuckers chomping at the bit to get at me that you felt the need to post THREE times while I was doing other shit. Oh, but I'm the one who needs to get a life? Cute!

Anyway, I'll be around all day today, guys, so you don't have to worry about me approving your comments in a timely fashion.

Still waiting on that email so I can call my legal team. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Hey generic name John, how about you tell WHO YOU ARE.

So because you et Ginger you think she's honest? Guess what, every body that have met me KnOWS I'm honest. Nobody that has met me can say I ever lie.

It makes your captain cape feel fluttery to say that i might be lying but you've NEVER seen my lie before. Only be mean to people that you like. And that chaps your asshole. If I say i have proof, best believe i have proof. If she says SHE can back up her claims i invite her to. Nobody attacked her or blamed her. she got mentioned for the few things that SHE ADMITTED SHE DID and she came in here to defned herself for things SHE ADMITTED SHE DID, and then blamed ME for losing work for a part that she played that she ADMITTED SHE DID.

Sounds fucking ass backwards.

but how about this. Fuck you, fuck her and fuck anybody that doesn't "kiss my ass".

Apparently, me sticking to the facts and asking others to do the same and calling for EVERYBODY yo prove their words (me included) is asking for ass kissing but you licking the inside of ginger's asshole bunghole and blindly because you want to work with her again isn't?


Sad little internet photographer.


Anonymous said...

"John", Ginger, apologists, here's what i don't get:

Melissa makes a blog talking about the situation.

Ginger comes in and CONFIRMS the only thing that Melissa said she did.

Ginger then says that we lied on her.

But the only thing Melissa said she did Ginger CONFIRMS that she did.

Then she says that she's losing work because we lied on her.

But then comes in and says that she admitted to the part that she played which was the ONLY THING that Melissa ever SAID SHE DID.

Then her supporters ("John") come in and say that our lies are taking food out of her children's mouths. But she admitted the ONLY THING THAT WE SAID SHE DID.

Then he says that he believes her over us and that we are lying about her doing WHAT SHE ADMITTED WAS THE ONLY THING THAT SHE SAID SHE DID.

Do you people NOT see the irony in this?

Ransom "The Truth" J

MDiva said...

Darling, you're not getting it.

We deserve to be "punished" (ie, berated by anonymous hobbyists on the internet) because we are "mean".

I make fun of idiots and men with small dicks and I'm an arrogant bitch and you use vulgar language and take pictures of naked ladies and have the nerve to not call it art every time and even went so far as to post your dick online.

We are the "enemy". Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Here's is the sweet irony in all this:

While Ginger lost work because of this, I've book about 4 thousand worth of work over the next two months from people that felt they had to hurry up and book a shoot before they lost contact with me.


Thanks Tyler. You're putting food into my non-existent kids mouths! ;)

Ransom "Bookings" J

Anonymous said...

I was banned from Model Mayhem because I attempted to set up a shoot with Cheshire Kat. Apparently she's dating one of the moderators and shooting with her is not allowed. At least, that's what I was told.

Danielle said...

I try to stay away from MM politics/drama as much as possible. I know it's there. I don't think I've been there long enough, know people well enough, or have the history to back myself up in most of these cases.

That said, I obviously know of Melissa and Ransom. We've agreed and disagreed on some issues, I'm sure. Regardless, your presence is very much missed. Very.

And, in case you hadn't heard, the solidarity images are not blocked from being avs. Interesting. I guess they fall in the "too much cowbell" category. Then again, it could certainly be the "too much sexiness" as well.

I'm glad to hear you're both doing well - though I never doubted it. Would love to see you around MM again, but more than understand if you move on to bigger and better things.

-Danielle (aka: deek)

Anonymous said...

The solidarity avatars are being flagged. You really made the mods mad or something, rofl.

I wonder what rules the site will make up next.

Ginger said...

Melissa, thanks for your help this morning.

Ransom, thanks for the time.

John, shut the fuck up.


Anonymous said...

History repeats itself. Overmoderation is what killed OMP. It's what's about to kill Model Mayhem as well.

Frog has no business being a moderator of anything. He is sluggo extraordinaire.

Ginger finally has something she can say she's a part of. She has no business in a position of power.

Gypsy is a lonely old bat who has never been in a position of power. I can see how that can quickly go to her head.

Eastwood is a horse-faced ketchup licker.

Iona will pose for anyone with an extra Benjamin in their pocket. This was proven by the photo John O posted where she's pretending to drive a broken down Jeep naked... Why you gotta be naked to do that? I can just see the conversation: "Hey Iona, I got a groundbreaking fantastic idea...."

M.Hana is a whiney bitch. I'll bet he cried watching Steel Magnolias.

Udo & Theda were the only ones with a level head. He's gone. Or was he run off?

Nik said...

pussies. fuck 'em all. what next mm? flag ALL images with the diva in it? ban everyone that has worked with either of them? oh how low will you go.....

MDiva said...

Ginger, you are welcome.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Ginger.

Thank you for standing up and being responsible for your own words and actions.

Let that be a testament to ALL of you involved in this, that i am reasonable and willing to speak like an adult to anybody that will speak like a mature adult to me.

Ransom "if you have a problem then call me" J.

Nik said...

lol @ horse-faced ketchup licker! that shit was kinda funny! :-D

Anonymous said...

I <3 that they showed their hand that the Solidary avi's pissed them off. MM is a friggin hoot! I was fearful with you two gone thered be no more drama, but those mods will bite at any sign of alil bait.

dave wright said...

lol @ ransom "bookings" j

i've said it on mm and i'll say it here, too. removing ransom from the site is a really dumb move.

i doubt that he did, but even if he DID break all kinds of rules and piss off all the moderators and whatever - doesn't matter. i'd give him a pass.

removing key members of the community is not exactly a good move if you're trying to run a community website, ya know?

seems pretty obvious to me, but that simple concept seems to elude tyler et al.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late getting in on this but I go out of town for a week and when I get back both Ransom and you are gone!

Not exactly sure what went on behind the scenes (other than what this blog details) but it seems rather vague and mysterious.

Nevertheless it puts a bad taste in my mouth as far as MM is concerned. I don't generally take sides without all the details but I've bantered with both of you enough to know you're decent people.

Anyway, your presence on MM is missed by many, including myself.


Smash said...

Oh how you will be missed. I'm super late noticing you were gone as school took over my life. However MM will not be the same. :'(

AB Young

Thierry BYS said...

i miss you guys
the forum is boring without you and my english lesson are'nt that fun
take care

Orixx said...

I don't have time to follow all the drama, but I miss you two. The site is a lot more dull now.

Aubrey Art Model said...

I just got back home from being out on tour. I am sorry to hear that you guys are gone. Life will be less interested in the forums.

Jessie-Lynne said...

can MM stop kicking people off the site ughy.. I'm sick of finding out people I really wanted to work with are no longer on the website over stupid bs.

grablife said...

This is the most exciting thing to happen on Model Mayhem since Dirty Vegas. Thanks!

Annie said...

Lovely photos and lovely girl! I would love the chance to work with you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, lord. Ya know, call me oblivious, or busy, or wtf ever, but while I had noticed you were gone, I... hadn't. I just assumed you were busy. What a trip to read all of this.

Ya know, it seems like every few months there's another season of Survivor: Model Mayhem, and we're all just holding our breaths until the dust settles and we see who got kicked off the island. lol

So many double standards. So many issues. And it's so damn old. I'm glad you guys are willing to fight it and call attention to it, because I gave up LONG ago. Way long ago. If it weren't for SF2, there's no fucking way I'd be active on that site.

Oral sex discussions, kitten photos, meet & greets... that's all that place is good for.

Miss you guys. Seriously.

Mary Wano