May 19, 2008

If you don't want me talking to you.....

then don't fucking talk to me, dumb ass.

Subject: thread disruptions PRINT

Amazing Images
05/19/08 8:24 PM
I've noticed in the forums that you rarely have anything useful or helpful to say. If you encounter a thread started by me, do not participate. I am not interested in what you have to say. Not now, not ever.

MelissaLynnette LaDiva
05/19/08 8:34 PM
(Message read)
I never would have noticed you before, but now I'll pay special attention.

Although, if you truly were not interested in anything I had to say, you wouldn't have fucking sent me a message. You would have ignored me.

Amazing Images
05/19/08 8:44 PM
No, I sent you a message to let you know to butt out of my threads BECAUSE I don't want to hear from you!!!!!! And I don't want replies from you either! Now get back on your high horse and piss off.


Model Mayhem FTW!!!


Kita said...

Well wasn't that precious? An attention whore reaching out for help.

Lady Lamb said...

Ahaha.. that was highlariously awesome.... on sooo many levels....

El DeaƱo said...


he dreams about you at night

Anonymous said...

You're nobody special, but I'll tag your lame ass page before exiting. You don't want people talking to you. I hope you remind yourself that next time you fix your nose up to post in any thread of mine.

Your interior, and exterior is ugly, so while you fix your nose to talk about others who look better than you, beware we are really laughing at you. PSSST inside joke.

MDiva said...


Proof that I AM special.
Morons leaving anonymous tags on my blog.

Shoo, dumb bitch.

William Elliot said...

ok, that was extra hilarious, i love anonymous people!

grablife said...

La Diva for the win!