May 8, 2008

Wow. Just imagine if I actually had a big ass.

How much more would y'all be freaking out? LOL

So yeah, the below pic, which is from a shoot I did for Currency Magazine,, has apparently ruffled some feathers.

(c) Daniella Renee

So anyway. I put the pic up on my facebook page with like 5 other new images yesterday, but no one wants to look at those. They want to make silly comments about my ass.

Especially a certain someone from whom I have not heard (by text, email, or phone) in over a month. But all of a sudden she is concerned about my ass' location.

The screen shot from Facebook

I don't know. Maybe some of the people closest to me didn't get the memo, so here goes.

I am a model!

And as much as I hate to label myself because I feel that I have proven myself to be versatile and flexible, when we get down to it, I am a glamour/beauty model.

That means that the majority of the time, I will have on as little clothing as possible. I will even very often be *gasp* nude. Big fucking deal.

That is all.

1 comment:

Chrispis LeGrand said...

that stuff cracks me up, cause i bet if you look thru their cell phones they got pics of every bofy part,and they have sent them to someone.
i guess your booty is going to make the little kids start torturing lil animals and setting fires and make grown men quit raising they kids and just sit on facebook looking.