May 6, 2008

She's just really skinny

So I'm wandering around Model Mayhem and see this shot that everyone is all in love with. And I guess technically it's a great shot. But I'm not a photographer, so I've never been one to separate the model from the technique when judging a photo. And the chick in the picture was just really skinny. Pretty, yes. And not anorexic skinny, just skinny skinny. And I found it so unattractive that it kinda ruined it for me.

I mean, I'm trying to lose weight. I need a 24 or 25" waist, like, yesterday. I'm not far (26") but we're having willpower issues. But if at all possible, I'd rather have fuller hips and just a tad thicker thighs. Bombshell type body. Not...skinny.

Just something I realized. Now pardon me while I go have another biscuit. Thanks.

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