May 11, 2008

Shon, hun, you aren't gay

"You just don't like vagina."


I'm an ass.

Oh, and I actually ended up in that episode of Numbers. w00t for me I guess.

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (US Version)

Leona Lewis makes me happy.

So right now I'm waiting on the rest of my pics from my trip to Houston and Shreveport and have finally (FINALLY) said "fuck it" with regards to designing my website myself.

I was determined to do it. I mean, I took the class and got an "A". But, uh, yeah. I have the ADD, so it was just not meant to be. Boo.

Tim is going to do it for me, since he's already hosting my domain and it's gonna be supaire cool. Tim knows what he's doing (he took the class too lol) and now my site will actually launch before the next Ice Age. Now all I have to do is talk Ransom into getting over his love of shooting me with a designer handbag and nothing else and I might actually have something to stick on there. (I'm gonna get yelled at for that. :D)

Ooh! D's Playboy Special Edition came out. Here's the link: Daniela Victoria

She is hotness and sexiness and a bunch of other things that make me love her to death, even though checking her out at the Dallas airport made me feel dirty......but a good dirty. She owes me a bottle of wine the next time I go to NY.

Sidenote: Vilayna aka The Hottest Chick I've Ever Seen, is also in that issue. Miss Lasalle

I am so glad that my grandmother is here while I'm here. It means that I get to be well fed. Which goes against these 5 pounds that don't need to exist on my body, but man. She makes cakes. From scratch. I'll run a lot when I hit Vegas (or Atlanta) to make up for it I guess.

zomg, I'm sleepy. Happy Mother's Day, y'all.

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